Gift your colleagues with an Extra hour

Help them implement powerful techniques to supercharge their productivity at work

Option 1:

Book an author for a 1-hour motivational keynote to change the mindset of your colleagues

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Put an end to misconceived beliefs that you get better results by putting in longer hours at work
Discover the best techniques to get organized and concentrated
Get an overview of the best tools to speed up your work

Option 2:

Training of 1 day (or more) to permanently change the working habits of your colleagues by applying the best productivity techniques

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Masterclass to learn how to organize your time better and get concentrated
Workshops to learn how to properly manage your to do lists, your mailbox, your calendar
Set up and practice the best productivity tools

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What they say about us

“The major challenge for accelerated start-ups is to accomplish their goals with limited resources and time. This is why the ability of entrepreneurs to organize themselves effectively and to focus determines the success of the acceleration and from the start-up thereafter. The advice of the authors was therefore very valuable since it provided the methodology and the tools for this. A must-have for all entrepreneurs! "

Sofia Dahoune - Responsible for the X-Up accelerator

"We decided to organize a meetup with the authors of The 25th Hour. Jerome shared some invaluable techniques to get organized and concentrated. I am myself putting his advice into practice every day. (I became addicted to Boomerang and can’t work without Noisli anymore). I was blown away by the acceleration tools that the authors shared with us. We made them part of our onboarding process. Thank you!"

Gabrielle de Perthuis - Market Development Manager, Qonto

"Jérôme came in and was a great source of inspiration for my team. He shared some very actionable productivity techniques and hacks that made us all question our ways of working. His talk was very effective in making us all realize that we can supercharge our productivity, be more efficient at work and as a result live more fully. I believe in time efficiency and prioritization as key enablers of personal fulfillment."

Thomas Owadenko - CEO, Octoly

"Lean, agile, frugal … the words don’t matter much. The main challenge is to win back time to use towards what makes one fulfilled. Bao and the authors of The 25th Hour are sharing a simple yet powerful recipe to succeed in getting an hour back every day. Also, the book is a must-read, in the vein of Getting Things done or the 4-hour Workweek"

Philippe Benmoussa – Director of Innovation, Deloitte