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Help them implement powerful techniques to supercharge their productivity at work

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Book an author for a 1.5-hour motivational keynote to change the mindset of your colleagues

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Put an end to misconceived beliefs that you get better results by putting in longer hours at work
Discover the best techniques to get organized and concentrated
Get an overview of the best tools to speed up your work

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Training of 1 day (or more) to permanently change the working habits of your colleagues by applying the best productivity techniques

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Masterclass to learn how to organize your time better and get concentrated
Workshops to learn how to properly manage your to do lists, your mailbox, your calendar
Set up and practice the best productivity tools

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“The major challenge for accelerated start-ups is to accomplish their goals with limited resources and time. This is why the ability of entrepreneurs to organize effectively and to focus determines their odds of success. The authors of The Extra Hour provided very valuable advice and an effective methodology as well as proven tools. The keynote is a must-see for all entrepreneurs!"

Sofia Dahoune - Responsible for the X-Up accelerator

"Jérôme and Bao came in to share their productivity secrets with the entrepreneurs of our startup accelerator. What I personally really liked was that they shared very concrete advice on how we can all save time on a daily basis, both at work and in our personal lives. The keynote was very interactive, people really enjoyed the talk and asked a ton of questions!"

Marie Raichvarg - Managing Director, Partech Shaker

"We were working as a company on improving our internal meetings and how to better manage our emails to help everyone save time. Guillaume - one of the authors of The Extra Hour - shared a lot of great techniques and tools that everyone can benefit if they work in large companies like ours. We're now done with the auto-pilot mode! Thank you again to the authors of The Extra Hour and to Guillaume for his talk."

Eudes Métivier - In charge of the "Live it" program at Merck & Co

"The training delivered by the authors of The Extra Hour definitely changed the way we work and made us all more productive. Everyone is much better at time management and now blocks out time in their calendars to focus on their 'big rocks'. The Extra Hour has also positively impacted our company culture. Thank you Guillaume and Jérôme for your efficient and fun keynote. The participants really enjoyed the session. It's an excellent training that I recommend to everyone!"

Anne-Lise Lebayle - HR Manager, Garantme

"We decided to organize a meetup with the authors of The Extra Hour. Jérôme shared some invaluable techniques to get organized and concentrated. I am myself putting his advice into practice every day. (I became addicted to Boomerang and can’t work without Noisli anymore). I was blown away by the acceleration tools that the authors shared with us. We made them part of our onboarding process. Thank you!"

Gabrielle de Perthuis - Market Development Manager, Qonto

"Jérôme came in and was a great source of inspiration for my team. He shared some very actionable productivity techniques and hacks that made us all question our ways of working. His talk was very effective in making us all realize that we can supercharge our productivity, be more efficient at work and as a result live more fully. I believe in time efficiency and prioritization as key enablers of personal fulfillment."

Thomas Owadenko - CEO, Octoly

"Lean, agile, frugal … the words don’t matter much. The main challenge is to win back time to use towards what makes one fulfilled. Bao and the authors of The Extra Hour are sharing a simple yet powerful recipe to succeed in getting an hour back every day. Also, the book is a must-read, in the vein of Getting Things done or the 4-hour Workweek"

Philippe Benmoussa – Director of Innovation, Deloitte

"This productivity training with Bao is an investment whose return is guaranteed. He shared concrete techniques to help us improve our productivity. This was necessary to support our  growth trajectory and also to help everyone better manage their work-life balance in this high-growth context. We have realized that we can really work better to work less, simply by implementing some of the tools and actionable advice that were shared with us"

Victor Coisne - VP Marketing, Strapi

"Bao and Jérôme were speakers at an internal seminar we did with 80 colleagues. The objective was to put an end to misconceived beliefs that you get better results by putting in longer hours at work. Mission accomplished. The keynote lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes and that format was spot on. The authors shared concrete techniques with the audience and the feedback was extrememely positive! We started to implement the productivity techniques the following morning. Thank you!"

Danaé Pierrette - Communication Manager, Total

"Bao did a Webinar on 'How to get 1 hour back every day'. The feedback was exceptional. As a result, we asked the authors of The Extra Hour to offer in-person and remote training sessions to our employees. Together with Jérôme, they shared techniques and provided multiple examples on how to save time every day: we now have the tools to be more productive… Follow their approach, you can't go wrong! I fully recommend them!"

Clotilde Pasquier - Digital Transformation Consultant, CNP Assurances