The future belongs to those who work less.

Learn the best productivity techniques to get an hour back in your day and live a fuller life

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What you will LEARN in the book:

Prioritize with the Rule of 3
Cut time spent on emails in half
Why and how to say no to 9 out of 10 demands
How to banish distracting thoughts for good
Half-hour meetings and the genius Two-Pizza rule
Tools for outsourcing and automating repetitive tasks
Tips to help you power-surf and search the web
And hundreds of other techniques

People are talking about us (nicely)

"This book will revolutionise your work-life balance."

- The Daily Mail

“The techniques outlined in this book will change the way you work.”

- Huff Post

“Learn to work smarter to work less.”

- Forbes

"You can have a career and more time for yourself, too."

- Bild

“Reclaim time to do the things you love”.


"This book is a mine of information [...] you will learn how to get an hour of leisure time each day"

- Mike Parry, TalkRadio

"This book promises you at least one extra hour every day!"

- Kaye Adams, BBC

"Folllow these rules and you can create an extra hour of free time in each day."

- Grazia

"A must-read to work more effectively.”

-Les Echos Start

"This book will revolutionise your work-life balance."

- The Daily Mail

what our readers say

“One of those rare books that starts being useful immediately.”

Chris M.

“The perfect textbook for anyone who wants to get organized.”

Julie D.

“A simpler, more concrete version of The 4-Hour Workweek.”

Martin B.

“A straight to the point book that provides invaluable tips to win back one hour a day.”

Amanda P.

“I’ve included the book in our onboarding kit for all new employees.”

Thomas O.

“The last productivity book you will read.”

Simon S.

the authors

The Authors

Will is co-founder of the ethical fashion brand Loom.

Jérôme is co-founder of One More Thing Studio, a French mobile app development agency.

Bao is a Venture Partner at Eurazeo, one of the most active VC funds in Europe.

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